10 Shower Habits You’d Better Forget About Forever
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10 Shower Habits You’d Better Forget About Forever

How to Stay Healthy. You might think taking a shower is such a routine thing you can’t possibly do it wrong. In fact, there are plenty of mistakes people make in the shower, which can actually be pretty harmful to your health. Pay close attention to our tips and common shower mistakes to stay healthy and keep your skin and hair in the best possible condition.

Washing your face 0:48
Not washing your feet 2:26
Not replacing your loofah regularly 3:07
Using a soap dish 4:03
Using scented body washes 4:58
Using old razors 5:32
Leaving your razor in the shower 6:44
Washing your hair daily 7:08
Not taking a shower after exercising 8:02
Skipping on the moisturizer 8:50


-Hot water is harmful to your facial skin because it irritates it, dries it, makes it age faster, and may even scald your skin.
-Our feet get into contact with all sorts of stuff when we walk, and they sweat too. They do a big job for us, so bend down and give them a good scrub.
-If you’ve been using the same loofah for months or even years, chances are you’re rubbing mold and bacteria all over your body.
-A wire soap dish, as well as one with spikes, is a much better option than a built-in soap dish because there’s less bacteria and fungi in it.
-Some chemicals in shower gels cause irritation, particularly due to the fragrances they add to get that pleasant smell.
-Infections caused by old razors aren’t cool. Bacteria get into your hair follicles, causing red bumps with yellow pus-filled heads to appear.
-Keep your razor out of that bacteria-growing warm and damp shower cabin.
-Extensive washing can dry out your scalp, which, in order to compensate for the dryness, will start producing even more oil! It’s a classic vicious cycle.
-Sweat provides both warm and wet conditions that bacteria can’t get enough of.
-Moisturize daily as soon as you get out of the shower since it absorbs slightly better when your skin is warm.

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