14 Unbeatable Records No One Is Able to Repeat
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14 Unbeatable Records No One Is Able to Repeat

People are fascinating, it seems like we can’t tolerate any boundaries. We love to push the limits somehow. This striving for the extraordinary makes a few of us look for records to break. But some world records seem to be unbeatable! Some are just impossible to surpass, while others you wouldn’t even want to challenge as they’re simply too weird.

One 69-year-old woman from South Korea, became a local celebrity and symbol of perseverance. All she did was pass a driving test. On her 960th try. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always feel good to be a record holder. Charles Osborne learned it the hard way, since he was the man who had hiccups for 68 years straight and without any relief…

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Not Gone With the Wind 0:26
Turbo Kart Racer 1:09
959 Ways to Fail Your Driving Test 1:48
Catch-a-Tsunami 2:39
Record Setter For Life 3:15
The Most Patient Cat 4:05
The Power of Preaching 4:42
Full Ears of Hair 5:23
Lifelong Hiccups 6:09
Going Beyond Human 6:42
The Master of Mouse and Keyboard 7:17
The Punch of Excellence 7:54
The Unbeatable Fighter 8:33
The True Game-Changer 9:09

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– On March 12, 2006, an F2 rated tornado blew away a trailer house of 19-year-old Matt Suter. Yet the record wasn’t set there but 1,307 ft away where Matt found himself almost absolutely unharmed a couple of minutes later.
– There aren’t many daredevils out there who would try to beat a record Tom Bagnall set on his jet-propelled go-kart. In 2018, the British engineer sped up to 112 mph in a small car that is in no way suited for such speed.
– It would be great if no one would have to fight with an 80 ft high wave with nothing at their side but a surfboard. This is what Rodrigo Koxa, a Brazilian surfer, did in November of 2018 in Nazare, Portugal.
– But the record for the most dice stacked on a cat’s paw belongs to LC Siew and his loyal cat Bibi from Malaysia, and was set on June 18, 2017.
– What do you think a priest could do in his spare time? For a Canadian pastor of St Paul’s Lutheran Church Kevin Fast, it’s tugging enormous vehicles using nothing more than the power of his own muscles.
– Radhakant Bajpai – the man with the longest ear hairs. According to him, he used to tell to people around him that his hair would one day become a great achievement.
– Charles Osborne’s hiccups first started in 1922, when he was 29-years-old. His hiccups were also quite frequent – 40 times per minute, and were only reduced when he was lucky enough to fall asleep, although he still hiccupped 20 times per minute.
– Rolf Buchholz started adding body modifications when he was only a kid with small tattoos and piercing. Now he is 59 years old and has whopping 516 body modifications total.
– Adam Hegyi is one of the best Doom players – the game that gave new life to speedrunning. In 1998 he became the one to fully go through level called Phobos Anomaly on highest difficulty without any hacks or glitches used.
– Throughout the history of traditional sports, there was never a boxer who would’ve beaten legendary American boxer Archie Moore in a number of knockouts. He was able to do 131 KOs in his career!
– Rocky Marciano is the 6th greatest heavyweight boxer of all time and the only boxer in history who wasn’t ever defeated. He fought 49 times and won them all with 43 knockouts.
– On November 24th, 1960 famous basketball player Wilt Chamberlain did the impossible: 55 rebounds in a single game – his Philadelphia Warriors versus Boston Celtics.

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