16 Brilliant Inventions Everyone Should Have at Home
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16 Brilliant Inventions Everyone Should Have at Home

Every year, designers and inventors come up with hundreds of useful tools and gadgets that make our lives easier. Let’s review the most interesting devices that have recently popped up. So, here we’ve got – 16 Superb Inventions Everyone Should Have at Home.

16 Brilliant Inventions Everyone Should Have at Home


– This plug not only looks beautiful and elegant, but it’s also very easy to use. The hole in the middle of the plug allows you to easily pull it out of the outlet.
– You can put additional clothes into the machine while it washes through a little door on top of the main door.
– This handy little thing might be useful for those who always lose something in their bag. To switch on the light, simply fold the bulb upwards, at a 90-degree angle.
– Want to quickly slice up an onion? Simply keep the onion in place with this device, and start cutting. Ingenious!
– If you often leave things in one place and forget where, and end up wasting time looking for them, these ’Pixie’ sensors are just what you need.
– This original idea was developed by an Azerbaijani designer named Elnur Babayev. The ’Cyclee’ projector allows bikers to let other drivers know their upcoming movement on the road.
– You can use this gadget as a home or car humidifier to effectively remove dust and clean the air inside to prevent colds. Also, it helps get rid of the problem of static electricity.
– Studio Interaction Design has developed a unique pillow for couples who always want to be together but are in a long distance relationship. The gadget is very easy to use.
– This is a great tool for those who dislike that old expression, “first come, first served”. Now, only you (or anyone who knows the code to unlock the gadget!) can open the jar containing something delicious.
– With this device, you can wash your lovely pets much easier. It also provides a nice massage for them. Give your pet some spa time!
– British designer Joshua Renouf came up with this ingenious device. This alarm clock can make a cup of coffee for you! Hope, one day we’ll get an alarm with a toaster, too.
– If you have trouble measuring quantities of ingredients by sight alone, this one might come in handy. An electronic display on the spoon shows a very precise weight up to 300 grams.
– These plastic devices have both USB sockets and ordinary power outlets. Now, you can charge your phone and tablet right by your bed!
– This day has finally come – you can attach a spoon right on your beverage. It will no longer sink into your glass!
– Although this device is not all that new, it’s worth mentioning in our list. This well-made and highly portable keyboard is great for typing documents.
– Now, to prepare eggs, pancakes, bacon and other traditional ingredients for a fry up you don’t need many pans. You can fit all these things into one like this — the Master Pan.