17 Signs He’s a PLAYER, and NO he doesn’t ACTUALLY Like You :(
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17 Signs He’s a PLAYER, and NO he doesn’t ACTUALLY Like You :(

Hi Lovebugs!

In this video I’m exploring the top 17 Signs He’s a PLAYER, you know how those players PLAY with our emotions? Sometimes guys can be hot and cold, be vague with us, feign interest and then ghost us, or go cold all of a sudden. Today I’m using your favourite and Youtubers and Celebrities to demonstrate what people do when they are interested and when they are actually just playboys and will break your heart! What do Russell Brand and Leonardo have in common? What does Drake do that is a surefire sign that a guy is actually out to pick up girls?

Hi, I’m Kimberly and this channel is all about relationships, dating, crushes and confidence, but I also mix in quite a bit of my personal life including pregnancy, my family, my life, and and work! I went to school for 14 years to get my doctoral degree in Psychology so I have lots of life advice for you guys! Subscribe to Ask Kimberly if you haven’t already!

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