18 Fun Things for Kids That Were Actually Created for Adults
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18 Fun Things for Kids That Were Actually Created for Adults

Did you know how many child things were created for adults? Many parents out there are designers and inventors, and this can lead to the appearance of some wonderful gadgets that our grandparents could never have dreamed of.

Here’s an amazing selection of some of the coolest things that are guaranteed to make the life of any parent easier and more comfortable.


– Illuminated Balls 0:25
Are your kids scared of the dark when they’re in bed or if they have to go to the bathroom at night? The problem is solved!

– Smart Changing Pad 0:41
This little mattress can work out your baby’s weight and height, their food schedule, and their daily routine.

– Super Compact Stroller 0:55
At first glance, this thing seems like an ordinary stroller. But you can actually fold it up into a little bundle that fits in your backpack!

– Translator for Your Child’s Cries 1:13
The Infant Cries Translator offers four possible answers with an accuracy rate of 92% — including hunger, pain, tiredness, or simply because you baby needs their diaper changed.

– Self-Heating Bottle 1:50
Use this bottle to warm up your kid’s drink anywhere without electric cables. It can warm the drink within four minutes with a single-use cartridge containing just salt and water.

– Safety Bracelet 2:09
You can connect this device to your smartphone to determine the location of your child. If your kid moves beyond the app’s tracking radius, you’ll get a warning signal.

– Thermometer Sticker 2:32
You can check your child’s temperature when they get sick without disturbing their sleep or forcing them to sit still.

– Smart Toothbrush 2:52
Connect this toothbrush to your smartphone using Bluetooth. It visualizes every movement made with it in 3D.

– Kneepads 3:09
. These kneepads will protect your child’s sensitive skin from becoming bruised and scratched on sharp stones and rough carpets.

– Fun Plates 3:24
Fun plates are the perfect solution for all those moms who are tired of constant tantrums at the table.

– Feeding Bottle with a Spoon 3:34
This hybrid of a spoon and a feeding bottle can be very convenient when you’re either traveling or out for a walk.

– Pacifier and Teether all in one 3:49
You can store this pacifier-cum-teether in the fridge and also wash in the dishwasher.

– Visual and Sound Projector 4:07
This device is great for helping your baby fall asleep.

– Fun Feeding Set 4:22
This fun set can convince your kid to even eat the food they would normally throw on the floor.

– Clothes with a Built-in Activity Monitor 4:35
This special clothing with a built-in device helps you monitor your child’s breathing and activity.

– Fun Container for Toys 4:58
Scoop up all the bath toys easily, wash off the bubbles under the tap, and attach it to the wall, ready for next time.

– Automated Baby Rocker 5:12
This device can rock your baby for you, imitating the movements of your arms.

– Bed for New Parents 5:28
Everyone gets enough space, and your baby is safe and sound.

Which device do you find the most unusual and useful? We’d love to hear your thoughts!