20+ Things You Forgot to Google What It’s For
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20+ Things You Forgot to Google What It’s For

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In our daily lives, we are surrounded by lots of objects that seem so common we don’t even stop to think why they are really needed and how they appeared. Did you know, for example, that those two holes on a side of any Converse shoe are there not only to let the stinky air out? Sure, breathability is important for any athlete. The second reason is that athletes lace through those holes to get a better grip.

Donuts have a hole in the middle. No, it’s not designed for an easier grip. It’s actually made this way for mass baking so that they cook all the way through evenly. Most metallic zippers have a hidden lock inside them to save you from awkward situations such as an undone fly. Bath foam isn’t only for fun or a nice smell – it also helps regulate the temperature. The bubbles keep the water hot, so you can enjoy a bath a bit longer! So, as you may have guessed, today, we’ll tell you about the extraordinary purposes of the most ordinary things.

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