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DIY Back to School supplies craft ideas! In this paper back to school craft ideas tutorial I show 5 easy back to school projects.
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I have ALWAYS loved stationery, school supplies and Back to School Crafts. As kids head back to school their creativity will come alive, and bright colors are a fabulous stimulant. So get ready for “Back to School” craft ideas. To be honest, they are great activity throughout the holidays I’ve taken several of their 5 different colors and created these fun pen and marker holders that kids will be proud to use on their homework desk. The only thing better than new school supplies are the extra special ones you make yourself.

In this DIY craft video will find 5 Back To School supplies and craft ideas you should try.

DIY Paper Clips holder craft ideas 00:00
DIY Pencil case from plastic bootle 00:34
How to make emoji pencil holder 01:39
How to make colored hexagonal pencil holder 03:45
DIY Easy Paper pencil holder 06:02

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Plastic bottle pencil case

DIY Paper Pin Holder craft ideas . Now my kids adore colorful paper pin holder. To make this colorful paper clips holder you need nothing more than colored paper and scissors. It is perfect for all those little nick nacks such as erasers, pencil sharpeners and paper clips.

Or why not try your hand at making one these tube pencil cases! Aren’t they smart? A great School Supplies DIY not only is fun to make, but it can also save a lot of money. For this diy back to school project you will need a plastic bottle, zipper, some colored fabric and glue gun. This plastic bottle pencis holder is so colorful and I’m absolutely in love with it. Isn’t he the cutest pencil holder?

Emoji pencil holder: another colorful and awesome school supply craft that’d be great to have is emoji pencil holder.These sweet cardboard emoji make a cute Back to school season display for around the house. How sweet are these pencil holder emoji? Perfect back to school craft for kids or to create in the classroom!

How to make colored hexagonal pencil holder? A quick and fabulous looking idea for keep your pencil and back to school supplies organized. I reckonize that this would also look great for back to work and the office… The kids will love this easy back to school craft tutorial and it can be applied to any design. Making this a fabulous and very customisable cardboard pencil holder for kids.

DIY Easy Paper pencil holder. A super quick craft for back to school and yet lots and lots of fun. What youngster would enjoy their own pencil holder, complete with space for a pencil and eraser.This pencil holder made from paper is cute and fun, perfect craft for family.
The pencil holder we have made are SUPER easy to make and inexpensive, making this great DIY for the classroom or at home. The kids will love this easy back school supplies craft tutorial and it can be applied to any design and interest. Making this a fabulous, easy and very customisable back to school craft ideas tutorial for kids.

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I hope you find these Back to School DIY ideas helpful and that you too have a go at making some of these.If you completed any of our DIY back to school supplies craft ideas, let me hear about it! Drop a comment below. Thank you so much for watching!
So. I think that that is it for our School Supplies DIY Ideas for NOW…. if there is anything really obvious that I am missing and that you would like to see, leave a comment down below! I always love hearing your feedback and suggestions. Often the best ideas come from YOU my lovely friends. In the meantime, I hope you have a good “back to school” preparation time!

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