8 Signs You’re Experiencing an Authentic Kundalini Awakening
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8 Signs You’re Experiencing an Authentic Kundalini Awakening

8 Signs You’re Experiencing an Authentic Kundalini Awakening.

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The term Kundalini has become familiar in the world today as many people learning Kundalini as part of the yoga practising. This term comes from ancient Indian culture, which has the same meaning as chi, prana, or maybe chakras in other countries tradition.

Kundalini is known as life-force energy which runs inside the energy channels of the human body. This energy channel called ‘nadis’ works as a link between energy points inside of the human body.

Many scientists expect that Kundalini, chakras or nadis just like blood vessel and bloodstream that flow through the human body, but the fact is they’re both different. The knowledge about Kundalini, chakras and nadis is not gained from scientific research, since they’re not part of the human physical body.


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