9 Signs You’re About To Experience A Major Transformation In Your Life
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9 Signs You’re About To Experience A Major Transformation In Your Life

9 Signs You’re About To Experience A Major Spiritual Transformation In Your Life.

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Everyone experiences a significant transformation in life at one time or the other. The name “transformation” sounds excellent and needed, but trust me, the process is not all rosy and readily accepted by anyone who is about to undergo the uneasy process. Many people try to reject transformation because it always looks like something terrible is happening to you. The events happening around you makes you think you are caught up by hoodoo because a lot of things starts falling out of place and life seems shattered, and it’s like everything is working in contrary to your wish.

A lot can transpire within the transformation process. Sometimes, you lose very close friends and even some vital possessions. Most times it is not that these friends wronged you or you hurt them, probably those things that get lost in the process are not meant to be part of the new phase, so nature finds a way to filter them.

These things happen so we can have a shift of paradigm and reorientation that suits the new feat that is coming. The change of mindset is difficult to embrace because it has to make you unlearn a lot of things you already believe. And also it is not easy to get adapted to new principles and beliefs when one is no more a kid.

Significant transformation seldom comes through, and it’s not light to spot it when it comes, but, after reflecting upon personal experiences, I have been able to spot some events that serve as pointers that transformation is happening. This awareness is going to serve as a road map of understanding that makes you feel stellar when the process of change seems stern.

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