A Test That Can Reveal the Truth About Your Body Type
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A Test That Can Reveal the Truth About Your Body Type

How to Find Out What Your Body Type Is. Imagine this: You go to the gym 3 times a week, do every exercise you can to keep your body in shape, but it’s just not working! Why? The truth is, there are 3 body types out there, and each one of them has a training plan that works best! So you got learn what your true body type is and pick the exercises that’ll help you lose weight and achieve your dream body within weeks.

Question #1 1:09
Question #2 1:26
Question #3 1:42
Question #4 2:10
Question #5 2:26
Question #6 2:44
Question #7 3:03
If your answers are mostly A 3:34
If your answers are mostly B 5:30
If your answers are mostly C 7:23
If you got an equal amount of answers for more than one letter 9:21


-Describe what your body was like when you were a child.
-Your chest measurement is…
-Pick one statement that sounds like you most of all.
-Your shoulders are…
-Your friends would describe you as…
-Your body resembles the shape of…
-Wrap your hand around your wrist. In this position, your middle finger and your thumb…
-If your answers are mostly A, you have an ectomorph body type. The ideal method of training for you is to do split-training and use one or 2 body parts in each workout to target different muscle groups.
-If answers under the letter B were your preferred ones, welcome to the mesomorph club. The more different the exercises are in your workout plan, the better the results! Try to vary the intensity of your training sessions too: 3–4 weeks of high-intensity workouts should always be followed by 3–4 weeks of lower intensity workouts.
-If you mostly went for the letter C, you are a true endomorph. Plan your workouts so that there will be at least 2–3 exercises for each body part. You should repeat the exercises 9–12 times for your upper body and 12–25 times for your legs and calves.
-If you got an equal amount of answers for more than one letter, that means you’re a combination of 2 body types. The most typical and popular combos are ectomorph/mesomorph and mesomorph/endomorph. Now that you know the descriptions for each body type, try to plan your workouts based on the advice you’ve seen for your types in particular.

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