DIY CAR MADE FROM RUBBISH || Cool Craft From Nuts and Bolts
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DIY CAR MADE FROM RUBBISH || Cool Craft From Nuts and Bolts

We all grew up playing with miniature versions of real-life objects, like houses, appliances, and cars. And it’s always nice to look back at those fond memories and recreate them, even going as far as building your own model of a classic automobile. That’s what this video is all about. Today I’ll show you the step-by-step process of building a small car from scratch using screws and bolts. Take a closer look at the intricate methods used to make it possible.

From the start, you’ll see all the metal and tiny pieces needed to create a functioning model car. The process is very detailed: it begins with the frame of the car using metal scraps and adding the details one by one. This car includes its own grille, seats, tires, steering wheel, and even an engine made of screws. Watch all the way until the end to see the final result!

0:15 – Getting started
2:39 – Assembling the frame
5:41 – Putting the grille together
8:11 – Adding the bumper
9:31 – Making the engine
10:26 – Adding the steering wheel

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