DIY: Triangular Earrings from Paper clip
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DIY: Triangular Earrings from Paper clip

#jewellerymaking #diyearings #handmadejewellery

Learn how to make Triangular Earrings with paper clips.
What we need?

Paper clip
Embroidery threads
Small ring
Nose plier
Fevi kwik ( Or any adhesive )

How to do?

1. Take a nose plier and open up the paper clip in to a triangle shape. And stick the edges together so that it won’t get separated ( Watch video for how to open the paper clip).
2. Start twisting the embroidery thread on the entire triangle shape paper clip
3. Again wrap the thread horizontally on the paper clip
4. Stick the edges with fevi kwik
5. Fix the ring and hook on the top

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