Drawing Your ANIME OCs #9 – Art Challenge!
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Drawing Your ANIME OCs #9 – Art Challenge!

Welcome to 「PIN KORO – YouTube」♪
Today’s drawing & painting video is「Art Challenge!Turn my subscriber’s doodle into an Anime original character」
I hope this “how to draw” video will help.

I hope to turn your drawing into your Anime OCs next time.
Please send me a picture with Instagram Direct.
My Instagram URL
⇒ https://www.instagram.com/pinkoro_draw
I’ll be waiting for your picture (^_^)

How to Direct Message with Pictures on Instagram
①Open the Instagram app.
If you aren’t logged into Instagram, tap Login.
②Tap the paper plane icon.(It’s in the top right corner of your screen.)
Doing so will open Instagram Direct.
③Select people you’d like to send a message to.
④Tap the “Write a message” field, and type in a message.
If you want to send a photo instead, you can tap the icon to the side of the text field and tap a photo to select it.
⑤Tap the Send.
Video for reference