GIRLY HACKS || 35 Beauty Tricks And Struggles
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GIRLY HACKS || 35 Beauty Tricks And Struggles


Hey, girls! Check out a collection of ideas that will help you to solve annoying problems every girl hates. We prepared a collection of amazing and genius underwear life hacks that will make your life much easier and will help you to solve a lot of problems.
You can easily create a romantic and elegant lace top using old bra and lace. You will need to attach lace to the bra. Watch our step by step tutorial. It’s a perfect item to wear under summer jackets and blouses. Besides, it’s a cool outfit to wear on at the seaside. Enjoy! We a genius lifehack and your strapless bra won’t slide down. All you weed is a hot glue gun. You don’t need to buy a new bra if you don’t have one for your new backless dress. Check out an easy tutorial! You will love the next idea. You can make 3 strap bra for backless tops and dresses. Cut off the back of your bra. Take 3 pieces of elastic of the same size. Cover straps with concealer and attaches them to the bra using a hot glue gun.
Also, you will find beauty ideas that will save lots of money. Did you know that strawberry can whiten your teeth? Crush the strawberry to a pulp, mix with baking soda and clean your teeth using this mixture. This trick will save you a lot of money.
-Do not spend a lot of money on patches. Make patches for dark circles at home. Follow these easy steps: cover skin under your eyes with aloe vera gel. Cut out small pieces of aluminum foil and freeze them. And finally, apply patches for 15 minutes. You will love the result.

00:09 Genius underwear hacks
09:33 Strawberries for white teeth
11:21 DIY Patches for dark circles
12:02 Homemade scrub for cellulite

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