Homeopathic remedies of treating Varicocele – Dr. Ramesh Babu N
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Homeopathic remedies of treating Varicocele – Dr. Ramesh Babu N

varicocele is similar to varicocel veins of the legs, here the varicose veins of both are involved in one testis. It is a collection of dilated or enlarged veins of spermatic cord inside the scrotum. The symptoms of varicocele varies from person to person, most of the patients will present with mild pain, heaviness feeling in the scrotal chord which will be worse by standing and better by lying down. The scrotal bag looks like bag of worms. The exact reason for the development of varicocele is unknown, but studies has shown that over weight, constipation, using warm laptop over the laps and wearing very tight undergarments are known to trigger varicocele. varicocele is also known to cause infertility in men. When it comes to treatment the doctor should make sure that it is not spreading anymore. There are time tested remedies in homeopathy which have shown great results in controlling the varicocele to a very great extent. Some of the medicines which are used commonly are lycopodium, lacsomica, rota and pulsatilla. Before taking medicines consult your doctor so the correct remedy is chosen.