How Much Space Do We Really Need to Stand Together?
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How Much Space Do We Really Need to Stand Together?

According to the most recent United Nations estimates, there’s currently 7.6 billion people in the world. These people are spread across the globe throughout 195 countries, with a majority of them living in China, India, the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil. But what if we could gather them all up in one place, what area would we cover?
And what else can we do with 7.6 billion human beings? If we stacked them on top of each other, could we reach the moon? Well, stay tuned because we’re about to answers these questions and tons more!

What if everyone stood together 1:11
What if everyone jumped together 3:07
What kind of building would fit us all in 3:42
What if we all relocated to New York 4:22
What if all the people that’d ever lived got together 5:30
What if we all got in line around the Equator 6:10
What if we all got on top of each other 6:59


-With 7.6 billion of us, that adds up to 190 billion square inches, which equals 47 square miles. We’d fit into just three-fourths of Liechtenstein, a tiny country in Europe that’s roughly the size of Washington, D.C.
-If all 7.6 billion of us crammed into a single space decide to jump at once, our combined weight (some 800 billion pounds) could actually move the Earth.
-If we wanted to move the entire human race into one building and live together, we’d have to build a 42-billion-cubic-foot structure that reaches 3,511 feet into the air. It would be 29% taller than the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world.
-Approximately 590 million people can fit in Manhattan, 1.4 billion in Brooklyn, 2.89 billion in Queens, 1.3 billion in the Bronx, and 1.51 billion in Staten Island.
-Scientists estimate that roughly 108 billion people have walked this Earth at some point or another, and just 7% of them are alive right now. We’d need about 4,169 square miles of space, so they could reasonably fit inside Jamaica, Qatar, Kuwait, the Gambia, or even Connecticut.
-Our planet has an equatorial circumference of about 24,900 miles. Our line would be about 1 million, 394 thousand, 400 miles long, which means we could wrap around the entire Earth 56 times.
-With 7.6 billion people standing on top of each other’s shoulders, we’d only need 286 million people to reach the moon, a distance of 238,855 miles. But our epic human tower would be 6.4 million miles high, which would get us one-fifth of the way to Mars.

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