How to Draw Pokemon – Wigglytuff – Easy Pictures to Draw
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How to Draw Pokemon – Wigglytuff – Easy Pictures to Draw

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The Marker I Use:

Pen Set I use OFTEN for myself:

The Tablet I use for Coloring:

The Colored Pencils I Use:


INSTAGRAM: Sketch_Monster1

My name is Enrique Plazola.
I’m a concept artist/illustrator. I was a stereo artist on transformers and the smurfs movie.
I upload new videos every Monday, Weds, Fri.

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Hi in this video I’m gonna go over how to draw Wigglytuff from Pokémon. It’s gonna be super fast and easy and very much a beginner’s tutorial. If you love drawing please join in with me. It’s so simple that anyone can do it. I hope that you can follow along. I end up grabbing a marker in slowly and gradually follow through drawing this Pokémon character. I want to draw a lot more anime on this channel. So if you have any anime characters you want me to drop please let me know in the comment section. I think it’ll be a lot of fun and I love the whole idea. Also if you like the video in general please follow along to get other drawing lessons there is so much so we can draw. And I’m excited to do it with you guys. Let me know what you think and let’s push together to get this going. Also, what are some cute creatures that you want me to draw in general? I forgot to mention when I’m going through the process of drawing this I tend to start just going into the lines. I am very careful with the amount of pressure I put on the marker. And I am always thinking about the end result. It’s a fun process so be process-oriented. And I hope you have fun with this. I love drawing and I love entertaining, I really hope to speak to all of you guys in the comments below. There are so many goodies in The description section. Check it out. The process is a fun step-by-step process and I hope you were going to be with me through the whole thing with it.

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