How to Survive In a Crowd Crush and Avoid Being Smashed
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How to Survive In a Crowd Crush and Avoid Being Smashed

How to Survive in a Panicked Crowd. In case you find yourself at a soccer game, a concert or at any public place where lots of people go, it won’t hurt to know some safety tips to protect yourself and your family. In this video you’ll find out what you should do if you suddenly find yourself in a panicked crowd, how to find your way to safety and get there, what the accordion move is, and how to use sign language in an emergency.

You never know what’s going to happen at any minute, so knowing your way out is always good. But it’s even more crucial to never lose your humanity. Make sure you don’t knock somebody down. Let women and children pass, and help others as much as you can. And don’t be afraid to ask for help as well.

Tip #1. Explore the space around you. 1:00
Tip #2. Find a high point. 1:42
Tip #3. Shorten your arms. 2:30
Tip #4. Avoid narrow hallways and openings. 3:22
Tip #5. Use sign language to communicate with others. 4:08
Tip #6. Find a viable way out. 5:03
Tip #7. If you’ve dropped something, leave it. 5:52
Tip #8. Try the “accordion move.” 6:39
Tip #9. Don’t stop. 7:22


-Whenever you go to crowded or busy places, make it a rule to take 5 minutes of your time to look at the escape plan. Note where the emergency exits are, and pick a couple of alternative exit choices.
-In a moment of mass panic, it’s sometimes better not to go toward the exit with the scared crowd but to find a high point and stay there for a bit. It can be a bar counter, furniture, or anything else that’s high enough.
-Create at least a little space around yourself, and the best way to do it in such circumstances is to shorten your arms.
-Your chances of survival seriously decrease when you try to get out through a narrow hallway. You can easily be pressed to the corner or knocked down by the crowd, and there’s only a slight possibility that there’ll be somebody willing to help you out.
-If you need something from somebody else, use sign language and your facial expressions to explain your point. There are numerous ways to do this: wave, point, or use your eyes.
-When everyone is going toward the official exit, try alternative options: a fence, a pallet structure, or, once again, trees. The main benefit of such a decision is that very few people do the same thing, so it’s unlikely you’ll get knocked down or seriously injured.
-Some people decide to look for the phone or the watch that they dropped earlier. Stop and think: is it worth it? Changing the crowd’s dynamic can quickly turn against you.
-After you’re pushed forward by the crowd, there’s always a lull, like a wave. This lull is your opportunity to move. The best way to do it is to move diagonally between pockets of people. You take a couple of steps sideways, and then there’s another wave surge.
-Go forward or move diagonally, and don’t look back. Try to keep an eye out for any possible ways to carefully and successfully leave the crowd. If you happen to fall, try to get up quickly.

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