I Went on the Boiled Egg Diet and Lost 5 kg Every Week!
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I Went on the Boiled Egg Diet and Lost 5 kg Every Week!

Let’s face it; being overweight can affect your health in more ways than one.

Yes, besides looking less than perfect in the mirror, you may have to deal with several different health-related problems — think diabetes, heart disease, and the likes.

But hey, there’s good news, a pretty weird one to say the least.
I found that you can actually eat your way slim and this time, boiled eggs happen to be the super food that actually works.
Yes, my curiosity led me to try the egg diet and the results have been amazing!

I actually lost up to 5kg every week!

Why boiled eggs?
First off, eggs are rich sources of nutrients (chiefly protein) and minerals like magnesium, calcium, and zinc.
What’s more, this super food is chock full of vitamins including vitamin C, B2, B12, B5, A, and E.
But that’s not all — eggs are also an excellent source of healthy fats!

Trust me, for nutrition; eggs are super hard to beat!
So yes, the boiled egg diet is as healthy as can be.
And unlike other plans out there, the egg diet is incredibly easy to follow.

It’s nothing like strict diets that’ll leave you starving and craving for high-calorie foods and unhealthy snacks right off the bat.
With this in mind, you won’t be wrong to stick to the egg diet if you’re ready to shed some extra pounds in the “quickest” possible time.

Yes, I mentioned “quick” for a reason. It’s not recommended to use this diet for long periods of time.

Why? Well, it’s only because your body will need a full dose of healthy nutrients in the long-run — pretty sure you get the point.
Want to know the great thing about this diet?
You’re likely to see amazing results in as little as one week.
Yes, your dream body is literally a few weeks away!

In fact, I started seeing great changes just one week into the diet plan — it’s that effective!
And oh, I’ll recommend you drink lots of water while on this diet.
As you already know, hydration is key to good health.
Alright, now that we’re done with the all-important intro, let’s get into the diet plan.

The Egg Diet Plan

Remember, the primary ingredient is eggs — so be sure to get lots of it.

Yes, I’m saying this because you’re still going to mix it up with some other healthy foods.
Now, let’s check out the diet plan. Just so you know, it’s going to be centered on what you’re supposed to eat for one week.

Day 1
• Breakfast — Two boiled eggs, one cup of low-fat milk and two oranges.
• Lunch — Six ounces of skinless chicken and a cup of Greek yogurt.
• Dinner — One boiled egg, one orange and four ounces of boiled chicken meat.
Day 2
• Breakfast — Two boiled eggs and lemon juice.
• Lunch — One serving of roasted fish and one grapefruit.
• Dinner — Just eat three hard-boiled eggs.
Day 3
• Breakfast — Three scrambled eggs; you can choose to spice it up with parsley, dill, and onion.
• Lunch — One serving of cooked chicken and green vegetable salad — just stick to cucumber, leafy greens, and arugula.
• Dinner — One hard-boiled egg and two oranges.
Day 4
• Breakfast — Warm lemon juice and two hard-boiled eggs.
• Lunch — One serving of boiled beef meat and one grapefruit.
• Dinner — Just stick to three hard-boiled eggs.
Day 5
• Breakfast — Two hard-boiled eggs, two carrots and one tablespoon of sour cream.
• Lunch — Two poached eggs, carrots, and tomatoes.
• Dinner — One serving boiled or tinned fish and salad.
Day 6
• Breakfast — One glass of Greek yogurt and one fresh orange or lemon.
• Lunch — Two boiled eggs and two grapefruits.
• Dinner — Just drink a glass of water.
Day 7
• Breakfast — Two boiled eggs, a slice of dry toast and one tomato.
• Lunch — Six ounces of beef meat and one orange or grapefruit.
• Dinner — Once again, drink one glass of fresh water.
And that’s it! The ultimate egg diet plan. Now you can start doing what you do best — eat your way to your dream body! Good luck!

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