It’s a Forest Fire! | Fire Safety Song for Kids | Scary Fire Monsters | Juny&Tony
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It’s a Forest Fire! | Fire Safety Song for Kids | Scary Fire Monsters | Juny&Tony

#FireSafety #JunyTony #forKids

It’s getting cold and dry, and it’s time to be more careful of forest fires !
Do you know what to do when a forest fire breaks out?
Here are some safety tips to protect yourselves from forest fires. Let’s learn them with Juny and Tony !


Camping is fun, camping is fun.
“Oh, no…
The campfire went out.”
“Ugh… Now it’s so cold.
Shall we get in the tent?”
And let’s read some books.”
“Sounds great!”
“Do you really think we disappeared?
Time to get moving,
fire monsters!”

Here we come,
the fire monsters, ha ha ha!
“Ha ha ha!”
Let’s fly around
and make fires everywhere.
On the leaves
In the trees
Spread away, spread away
Fire monsters!

“What’s that smell?”
“I think something’s burning.”
“Argh! F…fire!
Put out the fire!”
“Oh, no ! It’s getting bigger!”

Here I come,
King Fire Monster, ha ha ha!
“Ha ha ha!”
I burn everything with my fire.
I’m getting stronger.
The fire’s getting bigger.
Mighty, scary,
King Fire Monster.

“Argh! I’m so scared!”
“Tony, we need to stay calm.
Let’s call 911!”

We need to call 911 first.
Stay calm
and tell them what’s happening.
“I’ll be right there!”
Find a safe place.
Protect yourself.
Do it as quick as you can.

“Look! The fire truck is coming!”
go somewhere safe from the fire!”

Remember this,
you need to stay calm.
“Stay calm!”
Find a safe place from the fire.
“Over here!”
Away from the woods,
choose the place
that already burned.
Don’t be afraid, you can do it.

“The fire is out.
Thank you, fire trucks.”
“I’m happy to see you safe.”
Why did the fire break out?”
“Because you were not careful enough.
You should have checked
that the fire was completely put out.”
“I see…”
“But what you did today was great!”
“Uh? Look at your face, Tony!
It’s covered with soot!”
“Juny, so is yours!”

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