Mindfulness Meditation for Kids – 5 Minutes Guided Meditation for Children
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Mindfulness Meditation for Kids – 5 Minutes Guided Meditation for Children

This mindfulness meditation for kids helps children learn how to better relax, focus on their breathing, become aware of body sensations, reduce stress, and let go of worries or anxiety from their busy days.

By practicing this mindfulness meditation regularly, children can improve their overall health, boost their positive brain functions, and enjoy the benefits of reducing stress levels for better concentration and well-being daily.

Mindfulness meditation has been shown scientifically to benefit all who practice it regularly, so even parents and grown ups may want to join in and listen along to this gently spoken, mindful meditation in just 5 minutes!

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All of our Happy Minds sleep meditations are designed to help children feel safe and at ease as they learn to let go of any stress, anxiety or worries from busy days. Our mediation messages are always positive, so you can trust we are bringing you and your young ones only the very best.

We hope you enjoy this mindfulness meditation for kids! 🙂

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