Most Extreme Comparisons You’ve Ever Seen
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Most Extreme Comparisons You’ve Ever Seen

Sometimes, with all those clouds and no sun for weeks on end, it may seem to you that your hometown is the rainiest place on Earth. Well, there’s good news! It’s unlikely. Unless you live in India, that is. The wettest place in the world by annual rainfall is Mawsynram in India. The place gets on average 39 ft of rainfall every year!

The driest place on Earth is in Antarctica! What about all that snow? Not in Dry Valleys! The biggest part of this region hasn’t seen any rain for millions of years! That’s a place with almost no water whatsoever: no snow, no ice, and no rain. So, yes, everything’s relative.T he world is full of fascinating contrasts and comparisons. Let’s compare some other quite extreme things, and figure out the real champions!


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Hotels 00:00
Sleep 1:07
Streets 1:36
Cycling 2:22
Capitals 3:01
BASE jumpers 3:30
BASE jumping 4:00
Airport runways 4:52
Yachts 5:37
Water bodies 6:10
Animals’ lifespan 6:37
Rain 7:11
Wind 7:51
Planets 8:37
Rivers 9:17
Restaurants 9:47

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