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Preschool Video Dictionary Trailer

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Keep your toddler’s mind sharp and active with these interesting Preschool Video Dictionary Videos. MagicBox’s main goal is to give your child a good vocabulary before facing the world and entering the educational stage in their life. So share these interesting and informative videos with your little ones and teach them the basic words with the eye-catching images. Teaching them to spell and identify the words with these videos is very easy and interesting.

Teach the following spellings to your children :

Bear Camel Cat Cow Deer Dog Donkey Elephant Fox Giraffe Goat Gorilla Horse Kangaroo Leopard Lion Monkey Mouse Mule Ox Pig Polar Bear Rabbit Raccoon Reindeer Rhinoceros Sheep Squirrel Tiger Yak Zebra Hippopotamus

Bulbul Canary Cock Cockatoo Crane Crow Cuckoo Dove Duck Eagle Emu Flamingo Goose Hen Kingfisher Kiwi Macaw Myna Nightingale Ostrich Owl Parrot Peacock Pelican Penguin Pigeon Quail Sparrow Swan Tailorbird Toucan Turkey Vulture Woodpecker

Almond Apple Banana Cherry Chestnut Citron Coconut Dates Fig Grapes Guava Lime Litchi Mango Mangosteen Melon Olive Orange Papaya Peach Peanut Pear Pineapple Plum Pomogranate Raspberry Sapodilla Strawberry Watermelon

Beans Bittermelon Broccoli Cabbage Capsicum Carrot Cauliflower Chillies Corn Cucumber Garlic Ginger Herbs Lady’s Finger Lemon Lettuce Mushroom Onion Peargourd Pepper Potato Pumpkin Radish Spinach Squash Sweetpotato Tamarind Taro Tomato Turnip Yam

Crocodile Iguana Lizard Snakes Tortoise

Crab Dolphin Eel Fish Jellyfish Octopus Seal Shark Snail Starfish Walrus Whales

Actor Actress Artist Baker Barber Bus_driver Butcher Carpenter Computer Programmer Delivery_person Electrician Farmer Fire_Fighter FisherMan ForeMan Gardener Hair Dresser Lawyer Mason Mechanic News Caster Painter Photographer Pilot Plumber Police_Officer Repairperson Saintation worker Scientist Security_Guard Tailor Taxi Driver Teacher Veterinarian Waiter Waitress

A_Apple B_ Ball C_ Cat D_Duck E_ Egg F_Fan G_ Goat H_Hat I_Ice Cream J_Jug K_Kite L_Lamp M_Monkey N_Nose O_Orange P_Pencil Q_Queen R_Rat S_Star T_Train U_Umbrella V_Van W_Watch X_Xylophone Y_ Yak Z_ Zebra

A_Ant B_Bear C_Camel D_Dog E_Elephant F_Frog G_Giraffe H_Horse I_Iguana J_Jelly fish K_Kangaroo L_Lion M_Mouse N_Narwhal O_Ostrich P_Pig Q_Quail R_Rabbit S_Snail T_Tortoise U_Unicorn V_Vulture W_Whale X_Xray Fish Y_Yak Z_Zebra

Actor Artist Assembler Baker Builder Chef Cleaner Delivery_person Dish_Washer Gardener Painter Pianist Pilot Repair_Person Security Singer Tailor Teacher Truck_Driver Typist Waiter

1 Elephant 2 Giraffes 3 Lions 4 Tigers 5 Flowers 6 Sheeps 7 Puppies 8 Kittens 9 Butterflies 10 Kites 20 Ice Creams 30 Pencils 40 Eggs 50 Balloons 60 Bees 70 Cherries 80 Caps 90 Balls 100 Stars

Circle Square Rectangle Triangle Star Hexagon Pentagon Sphere Hemisphere Cube Cone Pyramid Earth Universe Days of the Week Months

Eye Nose Cheeks Ears Teeth Tongue Lips Head Eye Brows Hair Stomach Hands Fingers Legs