The TRUTH About The New Age Movement (MUST SEE)
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The TRUTH About The New Age Movement (MUST SEE)

What exactly is the New Age Movement?

Is it a dangerous cult that has ties to ancient Egypt?
Are its members involved in a conspiracy to overthrow governments across the planet to bring destruction to the world?
Are they Satanists who want to destroy Christianity and all other religions?

And if it’s a ‘movement’, what is their agenda?

When you do a search for “New Age Movement” on YouTube or Google, many testimonials from Born Again Christians will pop up, and many of them will talk about how they were saved from the New Age movement when they converted to Christianity.

But saved from what?

For as open as it is, the New Age Movement remains a mystery, leaving it an open target for those who wish to take their aim to spread lies, deceit, terror and ridiculous accusations at the New Age community,.

In this video, I will EXPOSE the New Age movement, and reveal the truth about its agenda….and I warn you…it will be unlike anything you’ve heard or read about in any of the blogs or youtube videos you’ve seen.

I don’t claim to be an authority in this movement, but I am neck-deep in it, and want to share with you the truth about the New Age Movement.

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