This Happens To Your Body When You Start Drinking More Water Every Day
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This Happens To Your Body When You Start Drinking More Water Every Day

Staying hydrated is the first rule of health and nutrition.

Even without food, the body can last for weeks.

But did you know that we can’t last a few days without water?

This isn’t actually a surprise if you know that human bodies are made up of about 60% water.

Thus, when it gets dehydrated, both the body’s physical and mental state gets affected.

Generally, healthy people should drink 4-6 cups of water.

Suffice it to say, water is a must for our cells and organs to function properly.

If you don’t have certain conditions like thyroid disease, liver, kidney, or heart problems, then drinking more water won’t be a problem.

We often hear about how it’s important to drink water.

But for what reasons, really?

Today, we will answer that question for you.

Want to know an interesting benefit of drinking more water?

It energizes your muscles.

Curious now? Keep watching then!

1. Promotes a healthy skin
In its normal state, your skin contains plenty of water.

Dehydration makes your skin more vulnerable to premature wrinkling, which can be improved by drinking more water.

2. Lubricates the joints
Cartilage, which is located in joints and the disks of the spine, holds about 80% of water.

By keeping yourself hydrated, you can improve your joints’ shock-absorbing ability.

3. Helps manage calories
For many years, drinking water has been used as a weight-loss technique.

While it’s far from being a magical trick, drinking water instead of high-calorie beverages can certainly make a huge difference.

4. Keeps your kidneys healthy
One of the kidneys’ functions is to control water balance and blood pressure, as well as expel waste from the body.

By drinking tons of water, you’re promoting normal kidney function, which also helps in flushing toxins from your body.

Moreover, this helps prevent mineral buildup that can lead to kidney stones.

5. Energizes muscles
Have your muscles been feeling weaker lately?

Muscle cells that don’t have enough fluids tend to perform poorly.

When exercising, it’s crucial to drink enough fluids.

Two hours before exercising, drink about 17 ounces of fluid.

6. Regulates bowel function
Drinking more water keeps things flowing along your gastrointestinal tract and prevents constipation.

With adequate fluid, plus fiber, it’ll keep your bowel functioning perfectly.

7. Good for your mind
Water can affect the brain.

When you’re dehydrated (even if it’s just moderate) can already interfere with your functioning and mood.

This is especially the case for young children and older people.

Dehydration can also adversely affect your concentration, alertness, and short-term memory.

8. Reduce sugar cravings and aid in weight maintenance
Interestingly, the brain can’t tell the exact difference between thirst and hunger.

As such, we often mistake thirst as ‘sugar craving.’

Hence, if you crave something sweet, consider drinking a glass of water first.

Furthermore, the more water you drink, the lesser food you’ll consume.

In the end, it’ll help you lose weight.

Now, are you on board with the whole water therapy?

It won’t cost you anything, that’s for sure.

Tell us your thoughts about this below.