Titanic’s Passenger Saved 28 People with Her Walking Stick
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Titanic’s Passenger Saved 28 People with Her Walking Stick

We all know the story of RMS Titanic. But do you know stories of objects that survived the voyage? Here’s one of them. In July 2019, a very special item was sold at an auction in Rhode Island. Special, in that it was used over a hundred years ago to save a group of Titanic passengers! But what could it be? One of the lifeboats? A piece of the rescue ship?

No, it was a mere cane. A black walking stick with an amber-colored tip and built-in light. How exactly did a cane help save lives? In the spring of 1912, 55-year-old Ella White was traveling around Europe. Different things can happen while you’re out on an adventure, things like injuring your foot. At least, this is what happened to White at some point during her travels abroad. She decided to get a fancy model with a battery-illuminated crown, a decision that would save her life later…


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