What If We Lived Like Ant Colonies
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What If We Lived Like Ant Colonies

What if humans lived like ants? What would the world be like? In the insect world, there are few species more complex than the humble ant. They live in intricate societies with huge populations and are master communicators. Sounds a lot like our own world! So how hard could it be to live exactly like ants?

There are very hard lines when it comes to defining what your “social class” is within an ant colony. Highest up is the Queen; then come the workers and soldiers, who are equally important; and then there are developing eggs that the Queen has laid. The real power that the Queen has is that she can choose what occupation each egg will have, and whether they’ll be male or female…

The Queen’s sole purpose 0:38
Soldier and worker ants are… female! 1:35
What we have in common with ants 2:03
The largest ant nest 3:11
So what if we lived like ants? 3:51
Why you wouldn’t have your personal identity 5:43
Cool facts about ants 6:18

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