What If You Cloned Yourself? The Result Would Surprise You
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What If You Cloned Yourself? The Result Would Surprise You

How cool would it be to have a clone? You could look at yourself from a completely different perspective, get way more stuff done, and nobody would give you a weird look for talking to yourself! But seriously, what would actually happen if you cloned yourself? Let’s see if this scenario would look anything like what we all imagine in our wildest dreams!

What is cloning 1:10
First cloning attempts 1:38
Human cloning 3:53
What would it feel like to have a clone 5:18
People for cloning 7:27
People against cloning 7:58


-Cloning basically is the process of creating genetically identical organisms. There are three main types: reproductive cloning, gene cloning, and therapeutic cloning.
-In 1979, researchers produced the first ever genetically identical mice. Monkey cloning case in China had a success rate of only 1.6%.
-There’s no solid evidence that anyone has successfully cloned human embryos.
-Your clone would just be a baby, and instead of hanging out together at the mall, you’d be changing your own diapers. More than that, cloned animals are not identical to their originals.
-Advocates for the further development of therapeutic cloning, which is basically using stem cells to create tissues and entire organs, say that it can save people’s lives.
-Those who don’t support the idea of cloning say technology for reproductive cloning still isn’t developed enough to eliminate all the dangers and risks. And there are those who are concerned about how clones would even integrate with quote-unquote normal people and society as a whole.

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