What If You Could Swim on the Moon
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What If You Could Swim on the Moon

If there was a swimming pool on the Moon, could a person swim in it? Think about it! We’ve sent satellites beyond our solar system. We’ve walked on the moon, and we’ll soon do the same on Mars. But we’ve missed one more important task, and it’ll take a bright mind like yours to make it happen: what if we swam on the moon?

So, you decide to build the first-ever pool on the moon! Could it work? How different would lunar swimming be? You need oxygen inside, but you still want lunar gravity. Otherwise, your new idea of moon swimming will just turn into Earth swimming, and that’s not fun or fresh. And the walls must be transparent, like a giant bubble!

The plan 2:01
What would it be like? 3:15
Will you leap from the water like a dolphin? 4:33
Moon gravity sure is something! 5:01
Could you run on the water? 5:32
Reverse high-diving 6:12
Why there are no sunrises and sunsets on the moon 7:38

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