What If You Order 1,000 Food Deliveries at the Same Time
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What If You Order 1,000 Food Deliveries at the Same Time

I’ll never forget that day. The whole street was plunged into chaos. City transport stopped, the police – powerless. That smell – hundreds of different flavors! – spread throughout the block. It all began when someone called 1,000 deliveries to the same address at the same time.

Requesting 1,000 pizzas from the same pizza place around the corner – might not work since they only have so many supplies. But ordering food from 1,000 different restaurants? Totally possible, especially if you live in a big city. But before you do, beware. I’ve seen it go wrong…very wrong…

How much the operation “Delivery-pocalypse” will cost you 0:44
The anxiety is growing… 1:36
Is this some kind of test? 4:06
Okay, what was that? 5:55

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