What If Your Weight Was Just 2 Lbs (1 Kg)
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What If Your Weight Was Just 2 Lbs (1 Kg)

Imagine that you weigh just 1 pound. You’d feel very light, but life would become much harder. Tapping “likes” on photos would take much more than just tapping. You’ve been scrolling Instagram feed, but it feels like you’ve run 6 miles on a treadmill.

You leave the apartment and take the stairs because the elevator simply won’t work if you weigh less than 30 pounds. The weather outside better be warm and without strong wind. Otherwise, it may blow you away. And you better turn off vibration on your phone. With your mass, it will be tantamount to a minor earthquake.

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Light life 0:27
Weighing 1 pound, you can… 2:05
What will be completely impossible for you 2:25
Very light life 2:53
The lightest person on Earth 5:14
Things that can happen to your weight 5:40
How much will you weigh on other planets? 7:07

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– On average, a person eats 3.3 pounds of food per day, and about 60 tons of food in a lifetime. With your wee weight, don’t rush to fill the fridge, because all you need to stay full all day is a glass of milk and a couple of corn flakes.
– However, if you do fall, you won’t be hurt, because due to the small weight, the pulling force will act differently on you.
– At music concerts, you can easily reach the stage, running over the heads of other spectators.
– To type something on a computer keyboard, you’ll have to slam it with your fist, and to play the piano, you’ll have to walk on the keys.
– Even a slight pressure of water from the shower will stamp you to the bottom of the tub.
– What if we become even lighter? Say, 1 oz? You can forget about the stairs and the elevator. Go out the window, because if you fall from a height of even 10,000 feet, you will land unharmed.
– Moreover, your weight is just a little more than that of… the soul. Indeed, according to research by Dr. MacDougall, the weight of the human soul is 0.7 oz.
– Any insect is dangerous for you. And the flap of the butterfly wing will be equivalent to the wind from a powerful fan.
– Now imagine that if every person on Earth weighed 1 oz, then the weight of all of the people would be 198 thousand tons! It’s like 4 “Titanics” or 100 Statues of Liberty!
– The weight of the lightest person on Earth was recorded in the 19th century in Mexico. Lucia Zarate’s weight was only 4.6 pounds.
– And the heaviest person also happened to be a resident of Mexico – Juan Pedro Franco with a weight of 1,300 pounds.
– Did you notice that it is much easier to slim down in summer than in winter? This happens because the human body specifically stores as much fat as possible in order to survive the cold.
– Not only the level of physical activity and the number of calories consumed can change the mass of our body. Stress does a great job too.
– In addition, excess pounds may appear because of a lack of sleep. If you don’t get enough shut-eye, the body doesn’t generate energy and stresses out.
– The mass of our body, in fact, determines the force with which we are attracted to the Earth. The larger the mass, the stronger the attraction.
– You’ll be the lightest on Pluto — there your weight will only be 9 pounds.
– But there are places in our galaxy where gravity is millions of times greater than on our planet. These places are called neutron stars.

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