What Would Happen If You Stay at Home for a Month
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What Would Happen If You Stay at Home for a Month

What to do when you can’t go outside? Imagine this: you wake up, come up to the window in the living room and see that the street outside looks normal, but there’s not a single soul out there. After making a few calls, you come to a conclusion that the whole city must be locked in their homes…

Having no other choice but to stay put, you decide to check if you’re well prepared. Good thing you’ve stocked up on food for at least a few days. Electricity — check. Internet — also check. Water, both hot and cold — check. Hm, that’s not half bad! So what’re you gonna do next?

Day 1. Just being lazy for a day feels awesome. 1:35
Day 3. Yoga. Good start! 2:11
Day 7. You’ve started to become quite a cook. 3:23
Day 12. You’re amazed at how fresh you are! 3:59
Day 21. Learning new skills online. 4:35
Day 25. It’s high time for friends. 5:25
Day 30. You need other people… 6:04
Day 31. 6:59

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