What Would Life Be Like Without Metals?
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What Would Life Be Like Without Metals?

So what would life be like without metals? You know, copper, silver, lead, iron, and whatnot. What if they all just disappeared overnight? As if some has meddled with our metal. “So, no more spoons and coins? Big deal!” you say.

Not so fast! You can go ahead and say goodbye to that phone of yours. And the tablet, TV, computer, all the blinky fun stuff. They’re not just made of plastic and a glass screen. Metals are most often used as conductors of electric current. Without them, all our flashy toys are useless. Plus, they have metal parts inside them. And you know what all that means? All modern ways of communication are no longer…

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No more Internet 0:24
No more electricity 1:20
No more fast food 1:53
What can you do for fun? 2:20
Healing herbs, natural remedies… 4:01
and straw huts! 5:04
Metals in the human body 5:56
No metal, no you, no me, and no Earth 7:15

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– You could write a letter, but how will you send it – carrier pigeons? This metal-free world has also lost all modern means of transportation!
– Metal is used to conduct electric currents. No artificial light source will work without metal.
– But electricity isn’t just about lights and sockets. You won’t have running water – the main station uses electricity!
– Musicians won’t have any instruments! Guitars might be made from wood, but those strings are usually steel.
– From the gym to the hospital, this place also looks quite different! Without metals, it won’t be possible to carry out an operation – even X-rays won’t be possible!
– Hope you have something valuable to trade with the doctor for taking care of you! Of course, there are no more metal coins – that’s obvious.
– Besides the steel frame keeping the whole thing standing, a lot of the construction materials like concrete and cement have metals in them too! So, I guess we get to live in straw huts!
– About 3% of your total body weight is just metals.
– A person needs calcium for strong bones and teeth. So without it, our skeleton would become fragile like glass.
– Zinc keeps the immune system in working order. That’s what helps your body fight off sicknesses and heal cuts and wounds!
– You also have enough iron in you to make a small nail. Iron helps saturate the body’s cells with oxygen.
– Speaking of oxygen, magnesium plays a similar role in plants as iron does with moving oxygen in animals – it’s essential for photosynthesis.
– Without the core, Earth loses its magnetic field. And we need that protective magnetic bubble because it keeps the ozone layer in place!
– For that matter, all the Earth’s layers are made up of different metals. The mantle has a bunch of iron, magnesium, and aluminum.
– The crust is mostly oxygen, but it also has aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

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