Why Video Games Are Good for Your Brain and Body
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Why Video Games Are Good for Your Brain and Body

They say video games aren’t good for you. They say they’re bad for your eyes, your spine, and your social life. But hey, just show those head shakers this video and prove to them that there are a lot of reasons why they’d be better off playing video games!

Some people have serious difficulty reading and focusing, but those who play video games can process information more easily. They develop improvisation skills, and as a result, react much faster to unexpected difficulties. Also, online games help people get acquainted with each other, and make new friends who share their interests! But there is much more!

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Multitasking 0:21
Seeing in darkness 1:02
Healing problems with sight 1:42
A higher threshold for discomfort 2:12
Healing 2:49
Slower aging 3:15
Better memory 3:56
Better coordination 4:16
Better cognitive processes 4:47
Less stress 5:13
Quicker decision making 5:39
Help with reading disorders 6:04
Leadership qualities 6:21
Research 6:41
Communication 6:54
Physical exercises 7:15

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– A player is changing missions constantly; they get used to switching from one assignment to another. Their brain is always under stress, but it’s not the bad kind of stress.
– Games like “Call of Duty” or “Quake” can improve night vision. In these games, one has to notice the slightest changes in the game field – moving shadows, dark shapes, and silhouettes.
– There are a lot of bright spots on the screen, which train their sight to react to bright colors, and their visual acuity gets stronger.
– Researchers have proved that people who have to go through a painful treatment feel much better if they play video games during the process.
– Scientists from Tel Aviv University have discovered that patients who play games on a computer or a video game console recover their hands’ mobility much quicker than people who get a traditional treatment.
– Video games have the same effect on your brain as physical exercise on your body, scientists say.
– The latest studies prove that the hippocamp – the part of the brain responsible for memory – changes if you play 3D games.
– Video games are great for hand-eye coordination. The influence is so substantial that they use games to train surgeons.
– Playing your favorite video game helps you develop attention, diligence, and your perception of reality.
– No one has thought of a better way to reduce stress than to wipe out thousands of your enemies on an alien planet.
– There are also special games that train them to discern sounds and turn on the sleeping zones of the brain, which helps with concentration.
– A lot of games are based on true historical events, which allows the gamers to learn about it without really trying.
– “Wii Sports” and other similar games give your body the same amount of exercise as walking at a speed of 3 miles per hour.

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