You Likely Eat Mold Everyday, It’s Hiding in Plain Sight
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You Likely Eat Mold Everyday, It’s Hiding in Plain Sight

Is it ok to eat moldy cheese? ? Mold is often a sign your food has gone bad… except for when it comes to cheese! If possible, just remove the moldy parts so you can eat the rest. If by accident you ended up eating some of that moldy cheese, don’t worry! Most cheese types already contain some kind of mold. The most well-known one being blue cheese! It’s an important part of the cheesemaking process, so it’s supposed to be there!

And moldy blue cheese doesn’t even come close to being the most unusual food eaten regularly. Travel the world with me, and we’ll look at the most surprising foods (and things!) people eat all around the world. To name a few: tarantulas, grasshoppers, bird nests, ant eggs, and even cheese with maggots in it! ?


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