7 Crucial Exercises Men Should Be Avoiding
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7 Crucial Exercises Men Should Be Avoiding

Exercises aren’t created equally.

How many times have you performed an exercise and experience excruciating pain as soon as you finish it?

You may feel it in your shoulder or lower back.

Regardless, you’re likely thinking about what you did wrong or if that exercise just sucks.

Sometimes, it isn’t you.

The truth is, tons of exercises are actually bad for you but still exist because they’ve been passed down from one misinformed gym to the next.

Unfortunately, only a few have only been smart enough to realize the grave danger that these exercises bring.

In today’s video, we will be talking about the worst exercises that men should definitely avoid.

Will they cost you your shoulders?

Let’s find out together so keep watching.

1. Weighted triceps dips
Lots of people like weighted tricep dips.

But if you look closely, the huge pressure placed on your shoulder is not normal.

In fact, not even physical therapists will recommend this to their patients.

Worse, it can lead to impingement syndrome or the inflammation of the bursa.

2. Upright rows
Another exercise that’s detrimental to your shoulders’ health is the upright row.

For every raise you do, a small tendon on your shoulder gets pinched (otherwise known as impingement) by your shoulder bones.

It may not hurt right away or even for a while, but eventually, your tendon will be worn down and damaged until it snaps.

3. Rebound box jumps
Box jumps are excellent for developing explosive power, reaction time, and coordination.

However, it also exerts a huge amount of sudden impact on the jump down stage.

In short, it can severely damage your Achilles tendon.

The risk of injury is high with box jumps so the benefits aren’t worth it.

4. Behind-the-neck pulldowns
A behind-the-neck press puts a lot of stress on your rotator cuff muscles.

Additionally, the position is awkward.

And if you have poor shoulder mobility, if your weight is too heavy, your shoulder muscles can be torn.

You can even hurt your neck, not to mention it can strain your neck muscles.

Well, suffice it to say, it’s just another exercise that men like you should think twice about doing.

5. Straight leg deadlift
The straight leg deadlift is undoubtedly a splendid exercise, given that it’s performed properly.

Unfortunately, it’s one of those exercises that put you at risk of injury if you get the form even just slightly wrong.

Not to mention that many are tempted to bend their back slightly when lifting which ends up with your lower back doing all the lifting.

6. Smith machine squats
If you know Smith machine squats then you understand that nothing about it is normal.

For one, it limits your range of motion and puts your body in poor positions.

As a result, it increases the risk of injury.

Although it’s a good tool, it’s perilous, so you’re better off just hitting the squat rack.

7. Kipping pullup
If you’re familiar with CrossFit, then the exercise kipping pull-up may not be foreign to you.

The problem with this exercise is that it can put heavy stress on your muscles and tendons due to the whipping of your body on the bar.

It can also aggravate shoulder pain.

Did we miss any other exercises that men should avoid?

Let us know in the comments.