COUPLES PRANKS || 22 Funny Life Hacks and Gift Ideas
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COUPLES PRANKS || 22 Funny Life Hacks and Gift Ideas

Romantic things you should try this Valentine’s Day.

Alrighty, love birds. Are you ready for some fun, love, pranks, and romance? Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and in this video, we show you some romantic and affordable ways you can celebrate with your other half. Let’s say you want to give something to your loved one, but you also want to prank them. You can take a bag of chips/crisps, empty it and fill it up with money. Then, seal it back with some hot glue and give it to them on Valentine’s day. You can do something similar during a romantic dinner. Here’s a great prank idea to try. Take your boyfriend’s clothes and arrange them in such a way that it looks like a real person. (Stuff his jeans and hoodie with clothes) and lie next to them in bed. When they walk in, they’ll think you’re cheating on them. Watch until the end to see how to make adorable latte art and many more ideas.

1:09 — How to make someone do the dishes

2:58 — The “I love you” message

6:11 — The “naked” Tik-Tok prank

9:01 — A lovely meal with heart-shaped hot-dogs

10:18 — Tasty strawberry and chocolate treats

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