I Let My 6-Year Old Answer Dating Questions and the Results were SHOCKING!
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I Let My 6-Year Old Answer Dating Questions and the Results were SHOCKING!

I Let My 6-Year-Old Answer Dating Questions and the Results Were SHOCKING. Guys, I had NO idea she was going to react like this. LOL!!!

Join us for this really special girls day in. Kassie’s been REALLY having a hard time with the pandemic lately, and not being able to see her friends, so I thought I would surprise her with something special 🙂

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In this video we talked about: relationship advice, how to make a guy like you, how to get a guy to notice you, how to deal with guys and girls who ghost, how to know if someone is your “true love”, viral, funny, hilarious, what to do when you and your friends all like the same boy, mother daughter family vlog, Ask Kimberly.