1-Ingredient Natural Deodorant That Really Works
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1-Ingredient Natural Deodorant That Really Works

Are you a fan of natural products? Then, you certainly have heard about natural deodorants, right?

But did you know that you can make your own deodorant at home using natural products?

Making your own natural deodorant is a great alternative for sustainable consumption.

Besides being cheaper, you will also avoid the chemical products found in most industrialized deodorants.

Natural deodorants can be as efficient as their industrialized versions if their components have the same properties to inhibit odor and fight bacteria.

So, let’s see how to make a homemade deodorant using only bactericide and fungicide ingredients with pleasant smells. Watch the video to learn how!

In this recipe, we will use milk of magnesia and essential oils (or organic coconut oil).

Milk of magnesia is alkaline, which helps fight the acidity of sweat. It interrupts the proliferation of bacteria that cause a bad smell in the armpits.

This ingredient has deodorant properties, helps reduce the oiliness and acidity of the skin, and restores its shine.

This deodorant, besides its bactericide action essential for eliminating bad smells, will also hydrate your skin.

You can also use only milk of magnesia as a natural deodorant, applying some of the product directly on your armpits. However, it may leave white spots or little bits of powder on your skin after drying.

Now you can use your natural deodorant!

But attention: never use this deodorant right after shaving your armpits, as it will obstruct the pores and follicles, which may cause folliculitis, a skin infection caused by bacteria or fungi. Wait one or two days before you start using it.

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