A 30-Second Chinese Massage That Will Make You Slim
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A 30-Second Chinese Massage That Will Make You Slim

There’s a technique that can relieve the stress and aches that come along with your day-to-day. It’s based on a 4,000-year-old Chinese practice called Qigong. The best part of this technique is that it also helps with weight loss, and it only takes 30 seconds to do!

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What Qigong is 0:37
The head 2:03
The ears 2:34
The arms 3:03
The hands 3:30
The chest and belly 3:50
The back and buttocks 4:15
The legs 4:44
The feet 5:06
What the Chinese self-massage can help you out with 5:47
Risks 6:40

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– While there’s not really any scientific evidence that the Qi actually exists, there have been plenty of successful clinical studies showing how this self-massage does have positive effects on health and well-being!
– The massage basically involves tapping and patting different parts of your body with your hands or fingers. Each of the movements takes no more than 30 seconds, and they can be performed at any time.
– Stand up straight and start tapping the fingers of both hands on your head, moving from your forehead back. Pay special attention to the temples, the top of the head, and the nape of your neck.
– Rub your ears vigorously with both hands, paying particular attention to the lobes. Don’t be afraid to make your ears red – that’s the whole point!
– Hold your arm out in front of you and tap it with your right hand from all sides: first the forearm (both inside and out) and moving all the way up to the shoulder.
– Hold your hand out in front of you and tap it with the fingers of your right hand, starting from the wrist and moving through the palm towards the fingers.
– With an open palm or fist, start from the bottom of your chest and keep tapping upwards for 10 rounds. Make it longer for the ribs and armpits, patting both these areas 30 times.
– Tap your left hand on your left butt cheek and your right hand on the right cheek. Do it 50 times on each side.
– Raise your right leg and tap it with both hands from all sides, moving from ankle to hip. Do the same for your left leg and switch again, repeating 10 times for each leg.
– Excess weight: doing these self-massages won’t replace the gym and a healthy diet, but it will increase your metabolism!
– Digestion: with increased blood flow comes better organ function, and that includes the ones responsible for digestion and ridding the body of waste.
– Extreme hunger or, on the contrary, being too full: in these cases, you should either be very cautious with self-massage or not do it at all. That boost in metabolism could come back to bite you here.
– Pregnancy: your abdomen and buttocks become very sensitive during pregnancy, so be extra cautious not to do self-massage on these areas.
– If you have a serious condition in one or more of your internal organs, you should go to the doctor instead of trying to self-medicate through massage.

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