17 Tips for a Clean Bathroom in 10 Minutes
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17 Tips for a Clean Bathroom in 10 Minutes

How to keep your bathroom clean longer? One of the main reasons we put off bathroom cleaning is because it feels like an overwhelming amount of work. We ignore it until we can’t take it any longer and spend a whole day wiping the floors and mirrors.

Imagine a place full of weird smells, spider webs, dirt, and scum… Okay, hopefully, that’s not how your bathroom looks. But cleaning it might just be the toughest chore. Unless you know the secrets behind doing it in half the time, with half the effort. Here are several ways to make every surface of your bathroom gleam pretty quickly.

Make the bathroom hotter 0:29
Brew some tea 0:53
Say goodbye to water stains 1:21
Wash your shower curtain 1:51
Get rid of rust stains. 2:24
Use a can of cola. 2:58
Use the magic of vinegar 3:33
Make your bathroom germ-free. 4:01
Try baking soda 4:24
Get a DIY cleaner. 4:57
Microwave your loofah 5:35
Collect old dryer sheets 6:05
Make the grout clean again. 6:30
Unclog your drain. 7:05
Say “no” to scum. 7:34
Let air vents breath. 8:04
Disinfect your toilet brush 8:37

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