18 Signs Burglars Are Watching Your House Every Day
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18 Signs Burglars Are Watching Your House Every Day

How to know that thieves are targeting you? Many people protect their homes. They install security cameras, LED lights, smart locks, and high-tech security gadgets. But they don’t always notice that robbers have already started to watch their home and are waiting for the right moment to make a move.

Today, we’ll tell you about the most common schemes burglars usually stick by. Armed with this information, it’ll be easier for you to keep your property safe. Also, pay attention to the tips on how to prevent theft (even if they seem trivial at first sight).

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An empty fuel tank 0:30
A new cleaner 1:09
Fake uniforms 1:29
“Confused visitors” 2:02
Electrical problems 2:29
“Marking” 2:50
Unknown calls 3:27
Broken windows 3:56
Watch out for suspicious vehicles 4:16
❗️ Protect your house ❗️ 4:38

– If you find yourself with an empty tank even though you’re sure you filled up recently, call your neighbors and have them check on your place. If your fears are justified, call the police.
– The appearance of a new cleaner should alert you if you use these services regularly.
– The stranger at the door may call themselves a plumber, electrician, social worker – you name it! If someone tries to pull this stunt on you, insist that they show you some ID.
– Be diligent about checking your lights, especially the outdoor ones.
– Thieves can hang a flyer or white sticker on your door. They also might slide a thin piece of a plastic bottle in the doorway.
– If you still have a home phone, do you get never-ending calls from unknown numbers? This could be their way of checking what times you’re usually home or away.
– A baseball or rock flying through the living room window – keep your guard up. Burglars might do this to check if anyone’s home or if you have a security system!
– If you see an unknown car parked near the house or it keeps driving by, and you’re sure it doesn’t belong to anyone in the neighborhood – call the police.
– Always shred personal papers before you throw them away.
– A mailbox stuffed full usually means a homeowner who’s been away for a while. A.k.a: an empty house with lots of nice stuff to take!
– If the door has old locks and entry points look weak and aged, a thief realizes these spots are easy to break in through.
– Don’t rush to upload photos while you’re off in some faraway place on vacation.
– Your neighbors might be honest people, but who’s stopping anyone from coming into your quaint little cul-de-sac and helping themselves to your stuff?
– You can also put some fake surveillance cameras up.

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