Don’t Leave a Charger Plugged in Without a Device, Here’s Why
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Don’t Leave a Charger Plugged in Without a Device, Here’s Why

How to cut your electricity expense? First of all, if you wanna lower your energy bill, unplug your phone charger when you leave home. Yep, it continues to use energy. And it’s not the only one in your home! Turn down your thermostat. Just one or two degrees won’t make a difference for you but will certainly reflect in your electricity bill next month.

You can save up to $50 a year if you simply unplug your TV, laptop, kettle, and anything else that you usually leave on standby. Even when these appliances are turned off, they still use a small amount of energy. And don’t scrimp on energy-efficient appliances. They might be more expensive to start with, but they’ll save you hundreds of bucks on electricity bills during their lifetime. So, guys, if you’re looking for foolproof ways to save electricity, check out these tips!

Wash your clothes in cold water. 0:27
Install a smart thermostat. 0:52
Unplug your phone charger 1:24
Keep all your appliances are in good shape. 2:04
Check your windows and doors 2:27
Wear clothes that suit the time of the year. 2:52
Take it easy on hot water. 3:24
Cook in glass cookware. 3:55
Use dimmer switches. 4:07
Put off using AC as much as you can. 4:35
Cut down on watching TV. 4:53
Put a dry towel with every batch of wet clothes. 5:17
Find out the off-peak time of your utility provider 5:54
Keep your garage closed 6:48
Use a kitchen timer 7:26
Keep your fridge properly maintained 7:52
Clean all filters on all appliances in due time. 8:30
New tech isn’t always for the good. 9:13
Place your fridge in a cool corner 9:41
Strategically place light fixtures in your home. 10:02

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