A Few Rules to Know to Survive in College Dorms
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A Few Rules to Know to Survive in College Dorms

Are you a first-timer moving away from home and right into the jungle that is college dorm life? It might get tough, but have no fear – as long as you pack a survival guide with you, you’ll be just fine! And to avoid lots of frayed nerves, learn to accept some universal truths: the Earth goes around the Sun, spring always follows winter, and … other people in the dorm will use your stuff.

And of course, there will be times you’ll get annoyed with people surrounding you 24/7. It’s perfectly normal. Instead of getting mad and confrontational, just take a break from them. Pretending you’re sleeping, studying, or putting in your earphones at the sight of others are those subtle hints you want to be left alone. Most people can read them!

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Accept that sharing is caring 0:18
Protect your favorite mug 0:41
Get a laundry buddy 1:09
Make the most out of your hair dryer 1:33
No iron? No problem! 1:56
NEVER forget your shower shoes 2:17
Keep an eye out for student specials 2:34
Two words: free stuff! 3:04
Take part in as many activities as you can 3:34
Get up-to-date with pop culture 4:06
Spend some quality time with your roomies 4:31
Make your own movie theater 4:59
Make your own meals as much as you can 5:44
Keep your dishes clean without washing them 6:16
Use tricks to get your alone time 6:36
It’s okay to say “No” 7:10
Make friends with the dorm staff 7:43
Know where to hide stuff if you have to 8:14
Learn to sleep with any noise level 8:40

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– When polite requests don’t help, protect your mug with a legit padlock. Attach it to the handle of your mug and through the bars of your dish rack.
– Offer a friend to visit the laundromat together – it’ll save you cash and provide an excellent bonding opportunity.
– When you have no clean socks, you can wash them in the sink, ring them out, and wrap each sock around the end of a hair dryer. There ya go – clean dry socks in 3 minutes!
– If you don’t have an iron, just pour some hot water over a garment and let it hang dry. You can also hang it up nearby as you take a hot shower!
– You’re not just sharing a room with other people, you’ll also be sharing a bathroom. Shower shoes – they’re a must.
– Most dorms have weekly events with food and drinks that cost way less than the same kind of fun off campus. But you can find good discounts out there too!
– One of the first things you should do as you arrive at your new home is to find out where the Free Stuff shelf is. A lot of students leave really good treasures behind when they move out of the dorm.
– There’s always something going down on campus, so don’t ignore it by staying in your dorm room like a sleep-deprived hermit crab.
– Eating out for each and every meal will bust both your wallet and your waistline. To avoid putting on the Freshman 15 (and to save some money!), cook for yourself in the dormitory’s kitchen!
– More cooking means more dishes to do, right? Not necessarily! Just put some plastic wrap on your plate or bowl first. You can throw it away when you’re done eating, and your dishes will be spick and span!
– It’s perfectly fine to politely decline when someone is inviting you to the 5th party this week, and you really just wanna chill or study.
– People who just run past the guards or never say hi to the cook actually miss out on a lot of cool perks of dorm life. After all, it’s the guards that can let you come back much later than curfew!
– In case your dorm has weird policies against, say, using hair dryers or irons in the room, you need to know where to hide them in case the warden pays you an unexpected visit on their daily rounds.
– You’ll have to learn to sleep in any conditions and any volume of noise during your college years. Because if you fail to do it, you’ll probably get no sleep whatsoever.

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