8 Things Rich People Don’t Spend Their Money On
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8 Things Rich People Don’t Spend Their Money On

What do rich people buy? Many of us think that wealthy people buy luxury things only. Of course, there are things that speak to a person’s financial wealth like expensive watches and fancy cars. Some poor people are ready to save their money for years or even take out loans to be able to buy these things. However, rich people around the world have gradually stopped indicating their social status this way.

For example, Forbes-list millionaires can talk on a phone model released 5 years ago these days. Yes, rich people don’t buy what poor people want, and it’s not just phones! So here’re symbols of wealth that are not trendy anymore. There are still many people who haven’t realized this yet.

Clothes and shoes 0:25
High-ticket Property 0:52
Gadgets 1:12
Loans 1:38
Food 2:07
The Image 2:44
“Get Rich Quick” Schemes 3:14
“Get rich!” Trainings 3:42

What they do with their time and money:
Self-development 4:25
Charity 4:51
Technological Development 5:19
Emotional Wealth 5:44
Business 6:10
Doing vs. Dreaming 6:44
Dedication 7:32

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