What Happens When You Swallow a Cherry Pit
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What Happens When You Swallow a Cherry Pit

What happens if you swallow a cherry pit? Are cherry pits safe to swallow? We accidentally swallow things all the time — ice cubes, gum, even whole pieces of candy. We ingest small seeds from fruit too, like the seeds from strawberries or blackberries. But what would happen to your body if you swallowed a whole pit?

By the way, cherries belong to a group of fruits called stone fruit. Fruits belonging to this group all have a pit in the middle, and this pit holds the seeds. And if you break it open and chew and swallow the seeds, then you might be in trouble. The seeds of stone fruit contain cyanide!

Cherry pits are indigestible 1:11
Will swallowing the pit give me stomach discomfort? 1:35
Never eat the seeds! 2:07
What is cyanide? 2:37
What would cyanide do to my body? 3:11
Would I survive? 3:51
Are there any other foods that contain cyanide? 4:29
Precautions 5:10
Fan facts 5:43

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