What If Your Fingers Were the Same Length
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What If Your Fingers Were the Same Length

Why are your fingers different lengths? And what would happen if all five fingers were of equal length? I was browsing the web the other day and took a personality test – something like “what your finger length reveals about you”. When I found out I can’t be a genius because of the way my fingers are, it made me wonder: why do your fingers have to be of different length anyway?

It looks like evolutionary history still doesn’t have a 100% clear answer to this question. They recently found a skeleton of a guy with a lump at the base of his hand from 1.5 million years ago. It means humans possibly had hands just like we do now back then. Until then, millions of years before, their fingers were long and curved, their palms were extra broad, and their thumbs were small and weak. So, what made humans evolve and go from uniformly shaped fingers to what we have today?

What our ancestors’ hands looked like 0:23
Things you can’t do with a chimpanzee hand 1:16
Triphalangeal thumb 3:24
Here’s how complicated everything would be 3:43

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