What If All People Stopped Working for a Day
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What If All People Stopped Working for a Day

What a wonderful feeling when you know that tomorrow is your day off and you don’t have to go anywhere. But stop and think — what if all the people on the planet quit working and everyone took a day off at the same time? Sounds cool, but it sure wouldn’t lead to anything good.

Okay, so you wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep. The alarm didn’t go off because you don’t have to go anywhere. You’re ready to take a shower, so you turn the handle and… dirty water comes flowing out. The water stops with a ‘clunk’, and then bursts out with such intense pressure that your faucet breaks. The fact is that there’s no one to regulate the filtration and pressure of the water. And this is just the beginning.

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You can’t take a shower and make breakfast 0:20
Tons of trash in the streets 1:37
Be careful when driving! 2:16
The planet’s economy is frozen 3:03
The whole city starts a party outside! 3:29
What the consequences would be 4:07
Is that even possible? 4:50
What if a person doesn’t just stop working, but stops needing work? 6:19

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– You go to the kitchen to make tea, but you can’t heat the water in the kettle because the gas and electricity are disconnected.
– Unclean water flows unevenly through city pipes, which means that in some houses it destroys the plumbing, while in others, there’s no water at all.
– The same goes for electricity. Short circuits and power outages are widespread throughout the city.
– You notice that all the trash cans are full. And there are more and more such piles every minute throughout the city.
– Without many other options, you decide to spend some time with friends, but your texts won’t go through because the internet and all the cell towers are down, basically leaving all of humanity without communication.
– The production of everything has come to a stand-still all over the world. Hospitals, fire departments, and police forces aren’t working.
– But speaking of that, the whole world’s money circulation has stopped for the day. The planet’s economy is frozen, and all financial institutions have lost a day of revenue.
– City lights, neon signs, shop windows are off. All the night clubs are closed.
– The next day, the whole planet suffers from the consequences of the previous 24 hours: long lines in supermarkets, crowds of people in the subway, crowded hospitals, traffic jams on the roads.
– But the worst part is that your internet service providers still aren’t working, because the network operators are trying to restore the web.
– Automation is growing daily, and people are increasingly replaced by robots and artificial intelligence.
– According to a study by American economists, by 2033, jobs will be reduced by 47% in the United States.
– In the Chinese city of Harbin, there’s a restaurant where the entire staff of waiters, dishwashers, and cooks are robots.

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