What If Everyone on Earth Sneezed at the Same Time
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What If Everyone on Earth Sneezed at the Same Time

Have you ever thought what would happen if everyone in the world (all 7.5 billion of us!) sneezed at the exact same time? Worst case scenario, there may be some accidents on the road. After all, your eyes automatically close whenever you sneeze. Well, this worldwide “Achoo” would be pretty loud too, especially for those who happen to be at a stadium.

Speaking of stadiums, you’d likely see a cloud form since one sneeze can contain up to 40,000 droplets of mucus! And all those germs, ick! Or if you’re watching TV when it happens. The news anchor would be stopped mid-sentence. This event would go down in history! People will ask each other, “Where were you on the day the whole world sneezed?”

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Sternutation 2:28
Why sneezing is good for you 2:40
Does your heart really stop when you sneeze? 3:04
How does milk come out of your nose in a sneeze? 3:14
Why do we cover up when we sneeze? 3:31
Is it ok if I hold it in? 3:58
Why do we sneeze? 4:09
Why do some people sneeze really loud, but others are quiet? 4:36
Which type of sneezer are you ❓ 5:04
Weirdest things that make people sneeze ? 6:55

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– Sternutation is the scientific word for sneezing.
– Ever had problems with your computer only to realize restarting fixed everything? That’s what a sneeze does for your nasal cavity – it resets it!
– While the rhythm of your heart certainly changes when you let out a big one, your heart doesn’t actually stop beating.
– The louder the sneeze, the faster the air moves, sometimes up to 100 mph! It can also project mucus up to 5 feet away from your body!
– Holding in a sneeze can damage blood vessels in your eyes and brain.
– Sneezing is the brain’s way of ordering dust, dander, and pollen out of your nose.
– A “photic” sneeze reflex happens when we walk outside and take a good look at our closest star or the light it projects.
– Happiness, sadness, and anger are all emotions that affect our whole body, sneezing included!
– Here’s a big term: gustatory rhinitis. That’s a fancy way of saying an inflammation of the glands in your nose caused by something you eat or smell.
– Ready for another big term? Peripheral vasoconstriction! It sounds like some magical spell, (expectorate mucusium!) but it basically means most of the heat in your body transfers to your core when it’s cold.
– If you find yourself sneezing in the shower, the fragrance in your shampoo, conditioner, or body wash may be the cause.
– Dark chocolate triggers the same sneeze in about one quarter of the population.
– We all have a TRPA1 receptor on our tongue. When we drink a bubbly beverage, the carbon dioxide activates that receptor. When many receptors are switched on at once, our body produces more saliva and lets out a sneeze or sometimes a cough.

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