What If There Was No Gravity for 1 Minute
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What If There Was No Gravity for 1 Minute

Remember that unsatisfactory feeling as a kid when you’d try to jump in the air as high as possible, and something brings you back to the ground? Well, that is Gravity. Like your mother, it’s always there, it never changes, and you can’t break it’s rules. But that’s for the better! If one day, the Earth’s gravity disappeared, the consequences would be flat out disastrous.

Gravity depends on the mass, which is, in turn, related to the matter. The more matter you have, the bigger the mass is. And the bigger the mass is, the stronger an object’s gravitational pull is. You might have noticed that the gravity on our planet never changes, right? That’s because the mass of the Earth always remains the same. But what if we imagined that one day, our planet would give off a terrifying “crack”, and gravity would just disappear?

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What gravity is 0:32
We would simply fly off into space 2:03
The Earth would lose the Moon ? 3:07
No air to breathe 3:25
The Earth would break into pieces 4:01
What if gravity, on the contrary, became stronger? 4:32 ?

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– Gravity is a force that draws atoms toward each other. Our planet is a big-big number of atoms, crammed together. That’s why its gravitational pull is very real and very perceptible.
– The more matter you have, the bigger the mass is. And the bigger the mass is, the stronger an object’s gravitational pull is.
– Should huge chunks of the planet get ripped out from under your feet, the gravity would gradually change as well.
– The most obvious outcome would be floating. I mean that you, the bed you’ve been sleeping on, your alarm clock, and your cup of unfinished tea would instantly rise into the air.
– If the gravity got switched off, anything unattached to the ground would simply fly off into space. People unlucky enough to be outside when the gravity disappears would be gone in the blink of an eye.
– Those people inside buildings would be safer, but not for long. It’s true that man-made structures are supposed to be firmly rooted to the ground.
– Furthermore, the Earth would lose one of its best friends – the Moon. The only thing keeping the Moon from floating away and keeping our planet’s natural satellite in orbit is the Earth’s gravity.
– Later, when life on Earth would cease to exist completely (what with no air and water), the lack of gravity would finally take its toll on the planet itself.
– Without the main force holding things together, it would likely break into pieces and float off into space.
– What if gravity, on the contrary, became stronger, and not only on the Earth, but everywhere in the Universe? Would it influence your life?
– If the gravity changed even slightly, it’d completely disrupt the existing balance, and the Earth would move into a new orbit. As a result, our planet would start traveling about 10% closer to the Sun.
– Bridges wouldn’t stand any chance; neither would large buildings, such as skyscrapers. Smaller houses might remain standing for some time, but they’d need to be reinforced.
– Experiments in centrifuges show that people can easily tolerate two times the Earth’s gravity for up to 22 hours with no harm to their health.
– Dormant volcanoes that’ve been sleeping for thousands of years would wake up and start changing the surface of the planet.
– If gravity became twice as strong as it is now, the Earth would spiral into the sun at a dizzying rate.

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